Studio photography for The Folio Society Christmas Campaign.

studio photographyfolio xmas 2 blogThe Folio Society commissions studio photography for their Christmas Ad. campaign.

Stephen shoots a series of six images for The Folio Society’s Christmas Ad. Campaign. Expertly art directed by the talented team at Kastner & Partners.

Very simple backgrounds were chosen to complement each book. Then lighting was crafted to suit the mood of each setting. Dappled light to emulate reading under a tree was chosen for Wind in the Willows. This contrasts well with the Ian Fleming Casino Royal book, shot on a gambling table with light coming from a low casino type light. A romantic soft side light was used in the Jane Austin, Pride and Prejudice. Rough concrete and a harsh spot light for A Clockwork Orange. Dune we chose a steel background and harsh lighting. Breakfast at Tiffany’s a silk background and soft early morning light from a window.